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Installing Embers

Embers is designed to install cleanly with a single invocation of the standard Python package tool

pip install embers

Embers can also be installed manually from it’s github repository

git clone https://github.com/amanchokshi/EMBERS.git
pip install .

These methods should install embers and the small collection of Python libraries that embers depends on. Using a virtual environment is suggested as it prevents errors from conflicting dependancies

The embers package can now be imported with import embers

Pyenv virtual environment

Ember supports Python 3.6-3.9. Using a pyenv environment is the cleanest route to the correct pthon version. Install pyenv with the instructions at https://realpython.com/intro-to-pyenv/. Now, to install the correct version of python and make a virtual environment

# Install python version 3.8.3
pyenv install 3.8.3

# Create a virtual environment called embers
# env located at ~/.pyenv/versions/embers
pyenv virtualenv 3.8.3 embers

# virtual env automatically activated when in EMBERS
# Link the EMBERS dir with the virtual env
# creates a .python-version file
python local embers

# Install the embers package & dependancies
pip install embers

Conda virtual environment

EMBERS supports Python 3.6-3.9. Using a conda environment is the easiest way to make sure that the correct version of Python is used. Begin by installing either Anaconda or Miniconda. A conda environment called embers-env can be created as follows

conda create --name embers-env python=3.7
conda activate embers-env
pip install embers

Python virtual environment

Alternately, if you already have a correct version of Python installed, you can create a venv called embers-env using the following code, within which EMBERS and it’s dependancies are cleanly installed

python -m venv embers-env
source embers-env/bin/activate
pip install embers

If you find any problems or would like to suggest an improvement, simply create an issue on the project’s GitHub page:


Good luck!